Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A New Year begins in Ancient Egypt

It is a while since I last posted here with a Midwinter of escaping from workshops but not escaping for plans and proposals and grant applications....

Quick catch-ups

Wintry Lanterns in Sherwood Forest: 17th December 2011

And more recently there has been a trip back in time to Ancient Egypt at Annesley Primary School. PArt of an ongoing relationship with this lovely school, the Year 3s and I have been adventuring across the desert to the rich Nile Valley...at the same time, with the Year 1s I've been taken off to a rainforest somewhere (nothing too specific continentally but with lots of animals, hot, humid atmosphere and quite possibly Terrible Adventures)...more of that will follow

characters encountered on our journeys....
The lovely Sekhmet statue in the picture above is mede by my friend Maria Strutz

Making our own scarab beetle seals

...and building stories
and in a darkened temple room (or maybe a school classroom) a single ray of light illuminates a wall of  pharaohnic masks

practice mask

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