Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Hatching, 4, "a curtain of dazzling diamonds"

Singing the fish, those Burnley rivers continue to run: the Calder this time

The river begins
On the hills where the wild goats watch,
The water mysteriously drops down
Into the sparkling river below.
Tears of a mountain giant in a cave
Fill the pools.
His teeth are made of stone,
His eyes are red rubies
His lips are red like blood.
The river runs over his tongue and
Out of his open mouth

The stream
Cold, clear water,
Eddies, whirlpools, rippling river, 
Brown gravel, golden sand, jagged rocks, silver stones
Stone-cold pebbles, 
Moss-covered rocks, 
Slime-grown stones
Weed like Jenny Greenteeth’s hair to shelter
A timid trout

The waterfall,
Pulling in a curtain of dazzling diamonds,
Swishing and swirling, slithering like a snake,
Curling over the rocky edges,
Into the woods,
Like a rippling river road.
Past the Faraway Tree, 
Under the Troll’s Bridge 
And into the lake

Raging rushing rapids,
Free as birds,
Fast as wolves,
Fierce as lions,
Wild as wind,
Horrific as humans,
Drowningly dangerous,
Chaotic currents,
Untamed land,
The River Monster released!

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