Monday, 26 January 2015

The Hatching, 2015 part 1

Stoneyholme Community Primary School
22nd January 2015
as blue as the sky
and as green as grass,
the river rolls and rambles
while leopard-spotted fish watch
in the waving, wonderful water

artists at work
The Hatching 2015 begins. This year 8 schools are hatching trout eggs as part of the Ribble Rivers Trust's hatch and release scheme for Burnley rivers

My colleague Steve Brown and I are visiting all the schools again and working with our Trout-keepers to offer a creative take on the hatching process. First sessions have just happened…

Deep pool, quiet, still, slow water
where big fish swim and children splash, 
Water like a mirror reflecting trees and clouds

Steady stream, swirling slowly,
Slithering, splishing, splashing,
Slicing, squashing
Surrounding sharp stones,
Gathering speed, faster and faster,
Racing to the rapids
Running to the rapids
Rolling with rage and
Rampaging round the rocks

A waterfall washing
waving wildly
weaving through
woody wildlife

Slow as a turtle
The water washes the huddled rocks,
Water walking as the fish swam
Slow, shallow water, as calm as a dream

a golden spotted trout swims through the green weeds
watching for food,
watching for danger,
a flicker as fast as lightning,
over the golden pearls of the gravel

Stoneyholme wrote and drew a river in words and pictures. They also captured the rhythms and patterns of trout-life in a soundscape…

This link will also (hopefully) take you to a recording of that soundscape. Despite it being my face you see, this work was done by Steve and the children - I'm storyteller, poet and maker for this project. (We've not tried this sort of link before so I hope it works!)

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