Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Hatching 8: inhale the future

The case of the curious trout
Ightenhill Primary School
19th March 2015
the riverbank will shelter the curious trout

Inhale the future
Exhale the past
Life moves quickly
Gotta swim fast

We reach the end of the river for now. The last workshop of the series for the moment. Here at Ightenhill,  Steve and I met our last group and celebrating with our last song and unfolding our last river

The Hatching 2015 has almost fulfilled its mission. This year 10 schools hatched trout eggs as part of the Ribble Rivers Trust's hatch and release scheme for Burnley rivers

My colleague Steve Brown and I have visited 8 of those schools, working with our Trout-keepers to offer a creative take on the hatching process. 

The fingerlings of Ightenhill go into their river next week and those brave little fish will inhale and exhale their way out into the rocks and rapids and racing waters of the Ribble Valley catchment

All our workshops this year have been great fun (they were last year, as well! see The Hatching ) but the Ightenhill trout-keepers seemed to have an extra degree of wonderful wateryness with some delightful fish-dancing to accompany their singing and some beautiful rippling water patterns in their pop-ups

Bossy bigger brothers, I'm not
Sharing my food with you no more
Gonna have to catch it, so I
Cannot be a lazy trout

Magnificent manouvres, we've
Got to dart away
Predators are coming, slyly
Pike will stalk us every day

Think I'm gonna cry now, teardrops
Run like rapids down my face
Reflecting on the river, all these
Memories will not float away

Lyrics are from the Ightenhill Trout Song, a recording of which and pics of rare and exotic fish-dancing will will post here very soon!

Many thanks to the Trout-keeprs, artists, musicians, 
composers and dancers of Ightenhill

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