Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer events at Buxton Museum


Lively times at Buxton Museum

life in Ice Age Buxton had its excitements...

 summer events with Creeping Toad people

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Venue:  Buxton Museum andArt Gallery, Terrace Road, Buxton, SK17 6DA

Times: 10am - 12noon
Booking: no booking necessary, just turn up and join in - but allow 45 minutes for making things
Costs: free events, just bring yourself and a cheerful grown-up if you are 7 years old or less

Ice Age Life
Wednesday 29th July,
Step back in time with artist and storyteller Gordon from Creeping Toad (me!) and make your own model of Peak District life in a colder age. Inspired by mammoths and sabre-tooths, cave lions and reindeer we'll make pop-up landscapes and the animals and people who lived here 10,000 years ago

Peg People of the Peaks

Wednesday 12th August,
From elegant Victorian ladies to medieval villains, Norman knights to Robin Hood, all sorts of people have visited the Peaks.  Artist Sarah Males will help you make your own characters, real or imaginary, nice or nasty, from the history of the Peaks

Lost tales of the Peaks
Wednesday 19th August:
using photos of local buildings and places that feature in local stories, Gordon the Toad (me, again!) will tell old stories and help us invent new ones. From murder mysteries to wild romances, treasure hunts and terrible ghosts, we'll spin new stories out of the hills, dales and buildings of the Peaks
what treasures will help us spin our own stories

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