Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Apples and elderberries

Noble chafers and elderberries

in celebration

of orchards and Apple Days

I have been to various orchard events over the last few weeks and out of them the following has grown

More structured blogs will follow over the next few days but for me the following held a lot of the excitement and enchantment of an orchard…

Orchard Summoning
Bring me a beetle,

A chafer, rose or noble,

A dark shimmer of green

A maybug blunder in a spring twilight.

Bring me a yaffle,

Ant bathing and talkative,

The warm apricot blush of bullfinches,

Feasting on the buds of April.

Bring me the roe, the chestnut ghosts

Slipping without sound, shadows within shadow.

Bring me the bats of the deep night,

A flicker of moth and hunger.

Bring me the children who steal

The windfalls from the wasps,

Bring me the laughter under the leaves,

Picnics sprawling between sun and shelter,

Bring me the tales knotted into the roots,

Of the oldest trees,

As Apple Tree Man whispers through the branches.

Bring me sharp apple juice and sweet

The delicate scent of quince,

Bring me bitter rowan and dripping elderberry,

Well jellied for a winter feasting.

Bring me those branches,

Twisted by centuries of skill.

Bring me an orchard to feed

Body and soul and story.

Bring me it all.

Victorian black and conference

Grenadier and quince

Damson, bullace and sloe

Mabbott’s Pearmain, Gascoyne’s Scarlet

Tydeman’s Early, Rossie Pippin

Fillbasket and Qarrenden

Bring me nothing,

But let me share

A joy, a hope, a bounty.

Bring me nothing,

But let me offer

Strong arms and a willing heart

Bring me nothing

But let me offer my love.

Victorian black and conference

Grenadier and quince

Damson, bullace and sloe

 Part of the BM125 project for Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

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