Friday, 23 September 2011

Excitements at Annesley!

A few days working with Foundation Stage children at Annesley Primary School, Nottinghamshire.

With a theme "Children in other countries", we set off on expeditions to make new friends:

            We could fly in a 'plane
            We could drive in a car
            We could ride on a donkey
            Or hang onto a motorbike
            We could sail in a boat
            Or gallop in a horse
            We could squeeze all of us onto one elephant
            Or have an elephant each
            Or we could sit on a flying carpet

Children went off exploring, finding other adventures, other animals, other children

            One group went to cold places and made a tent and a campfire. They cuddled up with polar bears at night to keep warm. They met wolves and bears and many friendly animals

 (Arctic camp with a couple of vagrant penguins!)

            In Africa. another group saw lions, but were not afraid, although one person was scared of elephant noises

Working in the school garden, we made those tents, built those shelters, found homes for monkeys, frogs and crabs, assembled that picnic ( nuts, apples, leaf-ice-cream), photographing and drawing the results. Eventually we made friends with other children and recorded our adventures on pop-up cards with grown-ups doing the writing because when you are 4 years old it's useful to have minions to do those sort of things….

And Jack (3 years old) said:
            The eagle and the owl are friends,
            And beavers make dams,
            Whales swim in the sea,
            And squirrels climb trees,           
            But the eagle flies
            High in the sky.

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  1. these sessions were fun - lovely, imaginative children....