Monday, 24 December 2018

A red fox and a blue star

A bold red fox and a bright blue star

Winter Skies event

Dec 15th 2018

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

my practice Sky had reindeer and star wolves
We asked “what would fly in your winter sky?” and people responded with mobiles of drawings, collage, found objects…and glitter. Ideas from different mobiles gradually wove themselves together to give us a story of that winter sky…

Rain clouds,
Become snow clouds in the sky above
My house with its garden giraffe.
There’s a cat sitting there,
Watching flowers and a yellow snail.

I live in a forest of green pointed trees,
An owl watches from a fir tree’s shelter
As the Grinch creeps down
To steal a snowman all in green.

A star shines over the forest
As the owl spreads silent wings,
Into the sky where a bold red fox
Holds a bright blue star,
And a red castle floats in the clouds.

But rain clouds become snow clouds
And bright thoughts become sleep
As a star shines over the forest

And a jingling sleigh lands on my roof.

written by a young Sky-builder...
As winter starts up
And the animals start burrowing,
As the snow falls
And the trees start shivering,
When the blizzard blows
Autumn leaves start flying.
please notice Santa stuck in the chimney
 There was a lively discussion about which way Santa goes down a chimney (head- or feet- first). The concensus decided feet first but also agreed that stuck headfirst makes for a better image!
a winter sky may simply be full of excitement
Winter wood with watchful owl

Winter wood with foraging weasel

Buxton Museum's mermaid
Buxton Museum and Art Gallery is 125 this year and to mark that anniversary, the BM125 project will bring together experienced with new and emerging artists with 12 months of artistic initiatives. Creeping Toad is cooridnating the public events side of the project. In the New Year we are planning a twilight walk, a morning of mermaids (beauitful) and an afternoon of more unlikely seapeople inspired by the Museum's own mermaid.

Monday, 10 December 2018

a geode's flicker

Lights and Shadows
Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

24th November 2018

A shift, a shadow, a movement in the corner, 
the creak of a cupboard door…

The ragged brightness of a geode, the glow of a Christmas tree, light in the windows of a homely house or a mysterious tower, the richness of the University Dome

We took images from the museum, from Buxton, from our own wild imaginations, we tuned and changed and improvised and…