Sunday, 30 April 2017

Always room for mermaids

Grendel at Easter

Lively events over the holidays have set Creeping Toad up for the next few weeks

tissue flower and visiting dragonfly, Rudheath
There were several days in Rudheath, making flowers and finger puppets, growing our own tabletop garden of card butterflies and tissue flowers
it is surprising how many sharks swim in Northwich

colour your own bear
There was a day at Chatsworth for Collections in theLandscape, joining others from the museum team to help colour a life size drawing of a bear, to play the DNA of cave lions as music, to handle prehistoric tools and speculate wildly over the dog skull still embedded in its mud (we are a bit afraid that if the mud is ever removed the whole thing ill just fall apart!) – and we were all distracted by the baby rabbits tumbling down the slope behind the Stick Yard. O, and with me, there were cave lion puppets to make, and sabretooths and mammoths and horses….

And then there was Eostre and time to look at Anglo-Saxon images: jewellery, carvings and stories. We looked at images from the Beeston Hoard, from Sutton Hoo, and slipping period a bit, added Celtic ring brooches and a torc or two

We got a bit carried away…there were the beginnings of new sagas

the lost Penguin of Saxon sagas

A fierce family of Giants,

stomping across the countryside

are stopped

by a boy with a pen.
The goat is watching.
A dragon comes flying at midnight,

spouting flame and fire,

Scaring animals into a barn

Hiding the stars with smoke,
While the goat watches.

There was a dragon who hoarded gold

Dribbling blood and spitting fire,

Grendel’s Mum comes howling across the moor,

Six arms waving, four legs pounding,

She sharpens her claws on stones,

And waits

For Grendel’s Little brother to catch up.

Beowulf was wrong.

And out deep and mysterious, the eye of the goat is always open*

Grendel's Mum

There will be more events over the next few weeks: details will be posted!
and there is always room for mermaids
* No, I don't think anyone really understood where the Eye of the Goat came from but that young artist was very determined that this was important!