Saturday, 28 December 2013

Storytelling for a Greener World

In April 2014, a new book will hit the shelves and storehouses, on-line warehouses, library bookcases, bedside tables and occasionally grubby fingers....

Storytelling for a Greener World is a manual, handbook, inspiration and provocation for people hoping to use storytelling as one of the agents that just might provoke change in the communities around us. Recognising that storytelling is a potent way of reaching people’s hearts and minds, this book will address issues around the why, where, how and what of environmental storytelling

I won’t ramble on here but will quote from Hawthorn Press’s advance notice about the book below and add that I’m one of those ’21 cutting-edge professionals”

Sales points: The what, why and how of storytelling and storywork to promote environmental mindfulness and sustainable behaviour in adults and children. Written by 21 cutting-edge professionals in story-based learning and pro-environmental change.
Shows how to apply this practice, indoors and outdoors, in organisations, NGOs, schools, colleges and communities. A treasury of over 40 stories, many creative activities and detailed descriptions of inspiring practice for both new and seasoned practitioners. Clearly explains how this practice works, why it is effective and how to adapt the ideas to the reader’s situation.
Powerfully endorsed by leaders in sustainability, conservation, organisation development, drama and performance, play-work, health, child development, community outreach and education.
The contributors will be actively involved in promoting the book at festivals, conferences and related events. The editors are world authorities in their fields.
Description: This unique resource offers new ideas, stories, creative activities and methods for people working in conservation, outdoor learning, environmental education, youthwork, business training, sustainability, health, social and economic change. It shows how to encourage pro-environmental behaviour in diverse participants: from organisation consultants and employees, to families, youth and schoolchildren. The stories and their exploration engage people with nature in profound ways. The book describes how this engagement enhances participants’ emotional literacy and resilience, builds community, raises awareness of inter-species communication and helps people to create a sustainable future together. Its innovative techniques establish connections between place and sustainability. Facilitators can adapt all of this to their own situation.

Sub-title: Environment, Community and Story-Based Learning
Editors: Alida Gersie, Anthony Nanson and Edward Schieffelin, with Charlene Collison and Jon Cree
Release date: April 2014 
ISBN: 978-1-907359-35-4 
256 pages, paperback

Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Hills Are Waiting

The Hills Are Waiting

This poem from Old stone and ancient bones is featured in an exhibition at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery from December 14th through to February 22nd

Celebrating the inspiration that the dark gritstones and softer limestone landscapes have offered  artists over the centuries, the  “White Peak, Dark Peak”   exhibition features prints, paintings, finds and poems from the Museum collection. It includes several new pieces added to the collection during the Enlightenment! initiative. Take a look at the Collections in the Landscape blog

Stone and Water’s Ancient Landscape also puts in its own imitable weedy, reefy, trilobite-y appearance as another artwork inspired by the landscapes of the Peak

Old stone and ancient bones: poems from the hollow hills
is my small book of new poems...

From the cold silence of chambered tombs to the beauty and blessing of the Ring of Brodgar and the strange, dangerous excitement of faerie hills and the Kelpie's streams, Old stones and ancient bones presents a collection of poems that invite you to enter a vibrant world of memory, dream and enchantment….

Getting a copy: it seems strange to say it but you are probably better (quicker response and I actually make more money!) if you buy direct from LuLu: 
I do have copies to sell, coming in at £8.50 inc P&P
Cheques: to Creeping Toad address: 51-d West Rd, Buxton, Sk17 6HQ, UK 
Paypal possible: get in touch
ISBN: 978-1-291-46593-8

Amazon: Old stones should be available through Amazon soon as well....