Friday, 30 September 2011

Roman Ribchester

A week of Roman stories - not the ancient, well-worn, seasoned stories of heroes, villains, Aeneas, Romulus, gods and monsters but brand new, wild and unexpected tales from the imaginations of pupils at Springhill Primary School in Accrington

Ribchester museum display

During, and after, a visit to Ribchester Roman Museum we've been teasing out our own take on life, perils and marvels in Roman Britain

First ideas are attached....more will follow


Bees are buzzing, birds are singing,
Wind rustles the leaves,
The last butterflies of summer are flying.

Slowly, the morning fills with noise,
Soldiers marching,
Training horses,
Neighing horses,
Trotting horses.

Masons chipping stones,
Teachers whacking children,
Children swim in the river,
Dive in the water,
Fishing for food not fun.

On the grassy riverbank,
Chidlren play ancient cricket

5W, Springhill Primary School at Ribchester Roman Museum, 27/09/11

Stories are gradually taking shape....collectively (above), individually (below) using palces and objects explored at the museum

Some of the results have been quite alarming....

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