Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wycoller Country Park

Through rain and wind and sunshine, three days of workshops at Wycoller Country Park near Trawden in Lancashire with the delightful Whitefield Infant School

Link: The Lancashire County Council site seems to be tying itself in a know so try this one for images and information on the Park: Wycoller Country Park

Watch out for
            foxes in the woods
Watch out for
            robins on branches
Watch out for
            butterflies on the flowers
Watch out for
            rabbits in the grass
Watch out for
            owls in the hollow trees
Watch out for
            bats in the caves
Watch out for
            mice in the roots
Watch out for
            squirrels in the trees
Watch out for
            birds on the branches
(8 of us, call and response)

Rain coming down from the sky,
Leaves blowing in the wind,
Our feet are stamping on the ground.
River splashing into the pond,
Trees creaking in the wind,
Birds are singing to us,
And we are slipping on the ground.
(Alisha, October 2011)

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