Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Great Fire of London (2012 version)

Images from an event at a school i work in regularly.....children at Whitefield Infants School had been working with artist Kerris Casey-St.Pierre to make lantern versions of 17th Century London houses. then the Fire started.....the result is so wonderful, I felt it should be saluted!

A cold, damp morning in January and Old London Town grows in the Nursery garden

and the crowded streets are filled with imminent danger

the fire takes hold! (with a bit of help...)

and spreads fast and fierse. Even the Houses of Parliament go up in smoke!

By the time the fire had burnet out, there was little left. But from one last corner of a smoking ruin, two children emerged, miraculously intact after the flames had taken the rest of their home....

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