Thursday, 9 August 2012

Deer, pirates and sinking ships

Summer in Richmond Park
walking to and from work has some amazing moments! Deer...

...ancient oaks

These days begin with a sunrise heralded by squawking parakeets and the clatter of jackdaws raiding the bird-feeder. Clouds are high in a pale sky and the early stillness promises warmth later. The walk into work is past ancient oaks, deer and woodpeckers with the towers of London appearing briefly down long views
adventurous pirates!

"Summer Fun" residency at the Holly Lodge Centre in Richmond Park. I've been coming here, on and off, for 10 years and more now to work, mostly, with special needs groups. This year we've been making little bottle lanterns and pirates, sailing pirate ships on the pond, building dens soft very small people, collecting useful things for adventures and looking for treasure
telling stories with pop-up theatres

But we always end up in a dilemma between what I think we could do, what carers think their charges are capable of either doing or understanding (I always reckon more than they do) and how activities re presented. I have to trust my instincts (and 30 years of professional experience) that how I work works even though I know some people do not like my style or manner. Finding the balance between listening to and respecting ideas and trusting those instincts is always a delicate one

precision and wonder

pirate ships afloat!

enjoying landscapes, finding treasures

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