Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mountains, sunsets and stories

 A week of telling stories, hearing stories and discovering that there are monsters under the floorboards of one classroom while another class went on a school trip and didn't bother to come home again (they sent postcards), and that the long tussocks of grass are really the hair of the grumpy Grass Goblins with noses like lumps of mud, eyes like pebbles and ears like curved bits of stone
shaping stories

Day upon day, I am caught
By the sudden beauty of of sunsets
That glow across the clouds and throw
 The mountain horizons into glory

no sunset photos but Elgin Cathedral is magnificent!
Walking among old stones, feeling the skeletons of buildings, the skeletons of people, the bare bones of words whispered down through a thousand years...

gates, doors, openings....
and on the beach at Nairn, we sailed
driftwood boats in a sand-eel lagoon

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