Monday, 25 February 2013

Mountain tales

Mountain tales
a day of storytelling and storymaking in the Cairngorms, 
Sunday April 14th 2013

last year, this little character entertained us

an environment full of starting points
 As part of a weekend of activities on the Wilderness Guide Training Programme, I will be leading a story day at Glenmore Lodge

My day will include chance to:
  • experiment with ways of making up stories with groups,   
  • using the world around us - the world your wilderness walk has taken you through - to shape new stories         
  • draw instant poems from weather, landscape and moment       
  • techniques for learning and telling traditional stories

Make the most of those round-the-fire evenings…..

This weekend also includes workshops on natural navigation, astronomy and Scottish geology and landforms by some very exciting workshop leaders. (Watching the rings of Saturn through a  telescope on a cold Cairngorm night was one of my highpoints of last year!)

Each workshop lasts a whole day and you can book in for one day or two - or if you are inspired, perhaps you will do the whole training programme

For booking details and prices contact:
the wider horizon, 2012

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