Friday, 22 February 2013

Strange recipes and secret places

ready for action

These have been eventful days of workshops all over the place

At St Thomas the Martyr Primary School in Upholland, we've beee looking at "our school" catching the secret life of the school its special places and the unexpected adventures of some of the animals that live around the school. These ideas resolved into pop-up cards and small, secret scenes in boxes...

Then at Coppull Primary School in a whirlwind day of storytelling and storymaking, I encountered a selection of superheroes including Football Boy (he tends to break things) and Skipping Girl (she skips up storms). There were tales of explorers in far flung corners of the globe finding shells, treasures and giant eggs. There were event some rather dubious Year 2's brewing terrible mixtures for our selection of "exciting pots that might be part of a story". I am not sure that we should invite you to sample them, but do try speaking them out loud wiht a certain sense of glee and enjoy the sound and rhythm of our recipes!

1. The King's Cup
to make the Queen happy

Chocolate, cheese and chicken,
Popcorn, pears and potatoes,
Sugar, champagne and shampoo.
Medals, mustard and mayonnaise.
Stir with a ladle for 16 days.
Put in front of the queen and
She'll think its wine.
Dark red like blood.
Green like bogeys

2. The Royal Gravy Pot
 a) Nasty gravy
Bogeys and biscuits,
Earwigs and eggs,
Pooh and pencils,
Ink and ice,
Spit, sparks and spiders,
Stir it up
Heat it gently,
Pour it quickly
Over their dinner
And watch them turn
Into boring books

b) Nice gravy
Pumpkin seeds and pears
Cherries and berries
Golden syrup and grapes
Honey and hot chocolate
Mix it well,
Boil for an hour
and pour it over a pancake

and finally....a beautiful secret scene from St Thomas'

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