Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Grumpy Wizard

apropos of nothing at all....some Year 1 children and I were playing with words, hats and props last week and ended up with an unexpected story poem which was so delightfully silly, I thought we should post it!
The path to the Wizard's house


He had a pointy hat
And he had a pointy nose,
He had pointy fingers
And even pointy toes.

He pointed at the girls,
He pointed at the boys,
He worked some nasty magic
And turned them into toys
(not me!)

He took bits of cats,
He took bits of dogs,
He stirred a smelly potion
And turned them into frogs!
(you missed!)

He grabbed his magic wand
And made a fearful spell
There was a bang! and a flash!
But all that came was a smell

Growing very angry
He grabbed his tall, tough broom
He woke it up with curses
And swept them from the room
(you missed again!)

"No, no, no", he shouted
"I'll get rid of all you lot"
He grabbed a bucket of water
And chased them with his mop
a path runs past the wizard's house 

The children all ran laughing
And up and down the stairs,
They jumped on the wizard's bed,
And played on all his chairs

The wizard started crying
And sat down on a stone,
He said that he was sorry
And didn't want to be alone

The children became his friends
He taught them how to bake
They cooked themselves a feast
With sandwiches, juice and cake

Year 1 (various classes)
Whitefield Infant School
March 2013
the Wizard's house is a ruin now, our story, the children and the wizard himself all long gone

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  1. That is really funny and wonderful to read! Thanks for posting it! Great work by all.