Sunday, 8 September 2013

On the road and far from home...

storymaking in the rain in Migdale Woods

Up in the far north of Scotland just now in the middle of 2 weeks of storytelling and storymaking with groups....images and some story beginnings....

Story start 1
One dark night in the middle of the forest, 
when the trees were swaying and owls hooting, 
a boy called Flash and his dog Storm....

Ogden Water: away with the faeries, goblins and trolls!

Shaping stories with drawings, words and found materials...

Storystart 2
One freezing cold night when everything was deadly quiet, 
someone knocked on my door. 
It was a strange little man with long spiky hair....

Out  among the midges in Migdale Woods, story makers gather....

and at the end of the day, this big Toad meets a small cousin!
Thanks to all our schools and groups so far:
Ogden Water Country Park, Halifax (1st stop on road north, no they are nowhere near Thurso, the next port of call!)

more sessions next week!

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