Wednesday, 14 May 2014

And what did the hedgehog do?

The Northern Tour begins: Linlithgow Primary School
P7 classes were building pop-up story landscapes

And what did the Hedgehogs do to try to save their bald little selves from the foxes?

learned to dig and turned into moles!
Put sticks in their ears so they wouldn't fit down a fox's throat...
got piles of stones to throw at the foxes.
...ran away very fast
 glued grass all over themselves so they were disguised
same idea but they used twigs and bark instead
covered themselves with stinging nettles but that hurt too much
wrapped themselves up in sticky-willy so the foxes couldn't eat them
ate lots of smelly plants

no hedgehogs here, but a story of how the bush-baby got big eyes!

and then at that last breakfast, what delicious dishes were the foxes planning....
hedgehog ice cream!
hedgehog cake
hedgehog pizza and sausages and chips and crisps
hedgehog milk shake
hedgehog cereal with milk and sugar
hedgehog porridge
hedgehogs on toast
hedgehog bacon with fried hedgehogs and eggs
chocolate hedgehogs

Thank you Primary 1 classes! For possibly more sensible information about hedgehogs (I am not going to guarantee the sensible bit), you might like to pursue my lovely friend Hugh's latest book: Hedgehog

And Primary 7s were building landscapes and stories

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