Monday, 19 May 2014

Over the high hills

Over the high hills, on a dark stormy night,
Past the dead woods, where the wolves ran,
Under the bridge where the fish swim,
Through the lost glen, beyond the lost village,
There, at the end of everything, is the lost house.

Working today in Gergask Primary School produced some very strange sports for the Commonwealth Games. How short-sighted of the organisers not to include pond-diving (winners are marked on their upright posture and their feet sticking out of the water), food fights (Bronze level with pies, Silver with mushy peas, Gold with mashed potato) or pillow fights on stepping stones. They have also overlooked fence-leaping, tyre-rolling and the delights of boulder tennis

But then we got onto hopes and ambitions and dreams to be fulfilled and were sent on the journey recorded above....

Most of the time, while I have carefully planned the workshop, I feel I have no idea at all what is going on! I know I didn't get a copy of the Quest for the Red Tiger or The Stolen Princess (parts 1 or 2), but here is some boulder tennis....

and a beginning of castles, knights and naughtiness
not sure about these two....
And many thanks to the Gergask Crew (potential pirates all!) - I haven't used all your photos but thanks for all your help and enthusiasm!

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