Thursday, 22 May 2014

The waters of the loch

The waters of the loch

Calm waves, tranquil water.
Children stand and watch the sea,
The waves sigh onto the shore.
A ship sails on a gentle sea,
A boat glides over the loch.
A deep blue sea.
Dolphins swim,
Seals splash in the water,
Bubbles blow where animals live.

Calm waves, tranquil water,
Above the seaweed that,
Waves over the sunken ship,
Where fish keep watch through the portholes.

John Dory

Calm waves, tranquil water
It all looks still,
Until you look under the
Deep sea waving,
Still mysteries 
Still waiting to be solved.

 cheerful blue whale

Calm waves, tranquil water
Gloomy dark water
Glowing green seaweed,
Tough seaweed in the deep, 
Hard to find
Pink sad starfish,
Anglerfish, mackerel and John Dory
Swim through the blue and the green and the grey


The loch grows dark and murky,
Waves thrash against the rocks
Seals pull out onto the shore,
Dolphins hide,
Orca withdraw,
Scary, scaly fish rising up from the darkness
Would make the biggest catch in the world
If anyone could net them,
A two-headed shark eats two divers
In one mouthful,
Grey sharks gather, and bull and mako
A ray ripples over the floor of the sea

a ray in preparation

The storm throws the waves at the shore,,
The spray soaks the children on the beach,
Run and hide, run and hide!
And don’t see the whales that hum and sing in the storm

Miss the monsters of the sea’s abyss

with thanks to the children and teachers of 
Badcaul and Scoraig Primary Schools 
for their imaginations, poems and wild stories!
(words and creations by the children)

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