Tuesday, 2 December 2014

In praise of Moon Jellyfish

 11/11/14 and following
a whole series of probably stand alone snippets starting in Melbourne Sea World and ending on the beaches at Brighton (Melbourne). 

1. A delicate shiver
Of moonlight,
An enduring ripple,
In the tides of the sea.

2. The moon draws
The seas into tides,
And seeds the waves
With occasional bubbles
Of hope.

3. Moonlight pared
Into a delicate hope,
Defying wind and tide
To dance with her mother
Reflected in the waves

4. Moonlight poured
As thin as hope,
Foam drifting,
Wave dancing,
Ending with sunrise
And the hard, bitter sand of the shore

5. Turn,
And turn again blindly,
Through swarms of food, and threats, and partners.
And turn again blindly,
As the tide flows,
And turn again blindly,
In a sea bounded by acrylic shores.

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