Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Hatching 9: trying to write a river

The Last Hatching
21st and 22nd May 2015

"trying to write a river,
along the lines of the water"

ripple and flow
Fast water,

Crashing water


Over green rocks,

Into fierce, deep pools,

Strong trout leaping

With a twist of a tail.

Swimming up the fast flow,

River pushes,

Trout swims,

Swimming, swimming,

Keeps on swimming,

Through the rapids,

Through the pools,

Over the waterfalls

To lay golden eggs in a gravel redd.

(Holy Trinity School)

last view of a diving trout
The river ran for a final time in this sequence of workshops last week. The trout the classes had hatched as part of their Ribble Rivers Trust project had gone to meet their destinies in the rivers around Burnley but we had proposed these extra sessions to try taking our activities, like migrating trout, to leap the next waterfall or brave the last rapids

Steve and I worked with Heasandford Primary School( 3 Year 4 classes) to take the work they had already done and skills they had already developed further. Teams of musicians looked at ways of uniting their three songs, while the artists took the pop-up planning techniques we'd used before to go over the top and make a series of popups, each one being about 130cm long and combining to give us a folded river almost as long as the school hall

In Holy Trinity School, a comment in an earlier workshop had inspired a "the river as a beatbox" session. We looked at pictures, talked about their trout, drew pictures, experimented with voices and instruments and gradually built a score that mixed words, patterns and pictures and became the voice of the river…..(pictures of musicians pending)

Recordings of both final pieces will follow!

Songs from the earlier sessions with these schools

Heasandford Song 4.2
Heasandford song 4.1
Heasandford song 4.3

with many thanks to the artists and musicians of Heasandford and Holy Trinity Primaries and to the members of the Ribble Rivers Trust who committee who gave us such an appreciative audience!

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