Monday, 3 August 2015

Holiday event: A morning for dragons

A morning for dragons
Dragon Days at the Green Man Gallery

Tuesday 11th August

11am - 1pm

we will make dragons that shimmer and glitter
Join me on a journey to discover the last dragons of Derbyshire with stories and puppet-making. Make your own dragon as big as your hand with its own nest or cave and collection of treasure.

Will your dragon glitter and shine, 
Or slide into darkness as deep as night, 
Lit only by the stars of its eyes?

Will your dragon laugh or growl

Or smile a smile as wide as a river and deep as a cave?

Will your dragon carry you home on its back

Or will you nestle it into your pocket and keep it warm and safe?

Where: Green Man Gallery, Buxton
Who: ideal for: 8-12 years (6-7 year olds welcome accompanied by an adult.), older folk are welcome too!
Cost: tickets are £6 a dragon-maker, materials are provided, (supporting adults are free)

To reserve a place, call 01298 937375 or 07940 333352.

Part of the Buxton Family Festival. There will be events 1 - 16th August. Download the programme

The Green Man Gallery is hosting all sorts of events so you could go direct to their site….
dragon planning

a hand-dragon

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