Monday, 5 October 2015

A light on the Moors

wondering what patterns hold our homes

Lanterns of the Peaks

small Guardian ideas...
The plan began with the thought of creating lantern installation that would hold the essence of "what we value about ourselves, our homes and the wild hills we live among". Where it will go to, we still don't quite know. We thought we might make tall Peak Guardian figures with our thoughts printed onto their robes. We thought there might be abstract sculptural shapes or swans or even rabbits...

We began with willow, tissue and time to fiddle about and get a feel for the materials our group are working with. This is a Project eARTh series of workshops for High Peak Community Arts and our Monday afternoons are becoming wrapped in glue and paper, printed with paint and wobbled with willow

By Session 2, our first forms were reaching completion and people felt more confident about what we could with willow. We played around with printing: working with styrofoam sheets and inked leaves to print on paper and then onto tissue. As our main installations take shape we'll probably print our peak district images, patterns and words onto tissue to build into our lanterns

Session 3 (today!) saw us working as a whole company and to create a jigsaw puzzle deer: with people working on legs, body and head ready for a joining together and covering next time. So our Peak District feelings are going to be held, at least in part by a deer. A stag or a hind? Not sure yet
designing a deer
 a head begins
an elegantly crooked leg

a small lantern girl watches...

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