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The Lost Tales of Old Milngavie


The lost tales of Milngavie

Douglas Academy,

8th September 2015

card, ready for action
back in early September, I led a workshop day at Douglas Academy in Milngavie, working with mixed groups of children drawn from the feeder primary schools and S1 students from the academy (Years 6 and 7 for English folks!)

Our brief was to create some of the lost tales of the academy: stories pulled out of stone, tree and artefact, creating stories as pop-up landscapes and instant performances…..

artifacts to inspire
The workshops grew into excited, hectic sessions: 100+ young people for a 2 hour session, trays of Useful Bits, cardboard to work with, stories to hear, retell, invent

Children from Milngavie Primary School have added their own comments…

"The part of the afternoon that I most enjoyed was when (we) had to create our own story…My group's story was about a knight who had to defend his king's treasure" Raj

a room full of storytellers
"My favourite part of the afternoon was when we got to make our own pop up story scenes. That was different and new. It was amazing to see how you managed to get us to turn a story into art"  Rory

"I also enjoyed making the pop-up pictures. Mine was about an old man who lived in a barrel of walnuts"  Sam

"I liked how you had a natural style and were very creative in your ideas"  Nicola

"I also enjoyed making the stories in groups and I think all teachers should give us items to write about rather than telling us what to write"  Myfi

"I found it lovely that you included natural things in our stories" Keziah

With many thanks to:
Douglas Academy for organising this lovely day
Academy S1 students for becoming my workshop assistants
the storymakers, artists and inspirers of
(schools: if there are any photos that need editing, let me know)

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