Sunday, 21 February 2016

Haregate Hall?

Meet the cast of the thrilling new drama 
Haregate Hall
Borderland Voices, February 2016
Haregate Hall's slightly self-important Dowager Nuisance

The excitements that were recorded in Characters For A New Adventure have continued. Our scatter of cheerful folk have settled down a bit now into what is beginning to look like the cast of a new period drama....(but they probably won't! This blog grows out of a slightly over-excited conversation we had about this idea. We'll probably change our minds next week!)

Technically, we've been working with rolled paper figures building armatures of paper and adding clothes and character on top of this. The aim has been to make a set of characters while using as little "specialist" materials as possible. Mostly we're using photocopier, Christmas wrapping and tissue paper. Hats have involved some modroc (plaster-cloth) and heads are usually paper eggs

the worktable
Based in Haregate Hall in Leek, our cast* might include:
Major General O** Decisive

and his tweed-clan friend Handy-with-a-shotgun

Lady Mary Dovery-Little (seen here with her maid)

and her impetuous (and unmarried) sister Fringilla***

Visitors to the Hall at the time of our drama, include a stray Bishop and a slightly provocative ice-skater (who might actually turn out to be a dancer)

* nothing written here should be seen as in any way final!
** O= Occasionally, called Ocky by his friends
*** go and look it up

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