Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Bone Detectives

Our Bone Detectives workshops have been galloping along with much excitement and(as yet) no casualties…we have encountered the sharp teeth of lynx and crocodiles, we’ve wondered about the impact of a buffalo charge and the strength of bite of badgers…

Wallabies and hyrax skulls have caused much confusion and a white-tailed sea-eagle wonder

And our visitors have enjoyed themselves....

As I want to be a vet as a job I found it a very good learning experience

It was really fun and interesting, wish they would do something like it again
  (both from Whistlestop Watch group)

So far, we’ve seen 60 visitors at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, 32 with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Whistlestop Watch and 23 with the 1st Taxal Cubs

There is one more chance to join in (at least for now)
not so sure about a mug of tea among the bones...

Wednesday 16th March: Bone Detectives, 2:at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Terrace Rd, Buxton, SK17 6DA, Tel: 01629 533540. 1 session: 10am - 1pm
This is a free session with activities and delivery aimed more at adults or young people of secondary school age
Again, this workshop is free and visitors are welcome to drop in. We recommend allowing an hour to work through activities but you are welcome to come for longer and spend more time handling, drawing and talking about the bones, skulls and shells we will have on display

Visitors are welcome to bring their own clean mystery finds with them - with no guarantee that we'll be able to solve the mystery but have confidence that we will be enthusiastic about them! (Whistlestop mysteries included an ichthyosaur rib, the lower jaw of a sheep and some crumbling mouse bones)
extra research
Community group Stone and Water have been supported by British Science Week in presenting these workshops

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