Saturday, 26 March 2016

Store rooms!

Embracing change: 
the battle for Store Room 2

the approach

I know there was progress. No-one else might have noticed it, but I know Useful Changes Happened

a first look
Over the last year I have been making not-frequent-enough and not-nearly-ruthless-enough forays into my store rooms to try to pull them into some sort of useful organisation. This week-end, I am turning my attention to Store Room 2….

The supporting team - a sort of Greek Chorus of woe and misadventure

You never know what is going to turn up:  an unexpected squid, a whole big bag of fur-fabric scraps, a box of buttons, some Skull-and-Crossbones bunting

There are also, in this room alone, 5 empty fishtanks and 1 usefully sized vivarium. Oh, dear. I can already hear the “pond in a bedroom” argument unfolding and know that I’m not good at resisting…..

Work is progressing. The carpet Has Been Revealed. Stray piles of mounting board have been pulled together into a single pile, ribbons compelled into a box. 

an unfortunate encounter with a tassle anemone

The Action Men found a Treasure Chest (empty). 

a promise of treasure

Tomorrow we have hopes of Reaching the Fossils and possibly Organising the Stone Boxes

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