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Hopping into excitement: summer events

Creeping Toad
Hopping into excitement
public events over the summer months

Events where you can find me over the summer months
Families: unless otherwise stated, these events are aimed at family groups – stray adults are welcome to come and join us, too: to listen laugh and make things as suits.
Appropriate ages: If you are 7 years old or less, can you please bring a grown-up with you and don’t lose them during the session.
Stern word: I try to keep things as relaxed and cheerful as possible during sessions but I do reserve the right to ask people to leave if their behaviour disrupts the rest of the group and I generally recommend getting to a drop-in event at least 40 minutes before the scheduled end of the event as I often have to pack up and move somewhere else quite quickly!
Last minute bookings: I still have odd days here and there (some are very strange!). If you would like a session for your site or your own group, contact me at creepingtoad@btinternet.com or 07791 096857 to find out more

Saturday 25th: Peeling Back the Layers at the Dove Valley Centre
March 2016! but we are expecting sunshine!
A community archaeology day on this exciting project,
When: 11 – 4, free
Where: DVC, on the road between Longnor and Sheen in the Staffordshire Moorlands, SK17 0PR
My role: I am here as the Collections in the Landscape events leader and we’ll be wondering about what is being found on the dig and making model houses to assemble “old Whitle”

I don't know if they have horse chestnuts...
Saturday 9th Langley Vale Woods, Surrey
a day of activities with the Woodland Trust. I’ll be there helping people make their own books about the day and telling some leafy tales about trees – lots of other things going on as well
When: 11am – 4pm, free
Where: Langley Vale Woods, near Epsom
Useful link:

Saturday 16th The Magical Storytelling Yurt
Buxton Festival: Tales from a tent: a rolling programme of storytelling through the day – no booking, just turn up and get those ears flapping. I tell stories as we find audiences: if you arrive in the middle of a session a new one will begin fairly soon – generally every 40 minutes or so. And the stories? Of giants and creepies, boggarts and beasts and boisterousness, frivolous, fearsome and fun….
When: 10am – 4pm Free
Where: Pavilion Gardens, Buxton
Part of Buxton Festival:
This event is organised by High Peak Community Arts


Another Tiny! event. Join us to fill the Gardens with dragons, medieval wyrms and wonderful serpents - none of them bigger than your hand (or maybe a wriggle as long as your arm). Our Stone and Water group has been doing Tiny! events for several years now as part of Buxton Festival Fringe. Join us under the trees to make your own Tiny! Creature: a cheerful, quiet, restful place within the wider activity of Pavilion Gardens. Step into a creative moment and find your own inner dragon – or outer Wyrm, or simply flappy monster….
When: 11am – 4pm, free
Where: Pavilion Gardens, Buxton: look for us under a tree near the younger children's playground

Tuesday 9th: Dragon Days
More dragons! Join me  on a journey to discover the last dragons of Derbyshire with stories and puppet-making. Make your own dragon as big as your hand with its own nest or cave and collection of treasure.
When: 11am – 1pm (if we fill up the morning slot, we might be able to run a scaly overspill in the afternoon)
Please book a place: 01298 937375
Fee: £6.00
Where: Green Man Gallery, Hardwick Hall,  Hardwick Square S, Buxton SK17 6PY
Part of the Buxton Family Festival, download a programme for the whole festival here:

Thursday 18th
Tiny Castles and Palaces
A morning of miniature making with glittering towers and crashing draw-bridges, dungeons, ballrooms and princesses out to cause trouble…join us to make your own miniature storyland
Where: Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Terrace Rd, Buxton, SK17 6DA
When: 10am – 12 noon, free
Useful link: Buxton Museum

Dovedale: cross the river...

Monday 22nd
Building beasts
using twigs and leaves, mud, pebbles and cones, we’ll make some of the unexpected inhabitants and secret places of the Gardens
Where: Ness Gardens, Neston, Wirral
Details to follow

Wednesday 24th August
Hoards and Secrets
where would you hide your most precious objects? And what would you hide? Celebrating hidden hoards from Reynards Cave and Beeston Tor, we’ll make treasure maps of Dovedale, decorate our own treasure boxes and find natural treasures to hoard inside them!
When: 11 – 1 and 2- 4
Where: Dovedale, (park in commercial carpark at mouth of dale) and find us either over stepping stones and on the grass or beside the National Trust mobile visitor unit
Event is free – just drop by and join in - but there is a charge for car parking

Saturday 27th August
Heroes and Villains of Sherwood: from merry men and Marion to the Sheriff and anyone else we can think of: woodsmen, forest girls, monks, lords and princesses: join us to make some wonderful puppet characters and then help us tell a story of Sherwood that no-one has ever heard before!

Where and when:

Eastwood Library 10 – 12 noon

Hucknall Library: 1.30 – 3.30pm

Booking: tbc, don’t think it is needed but get there for the start of a session
Part of the D H Lawrence Festival of Culture: link to follow

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