Monday, 24 October 2016

Drawing Steam

Drawing Steam, 1

We took ourselves off to the World Heritage Site at the Derwent Valley Mills today for a Big Draw event as one of the Mills' "Discovery Days"

The Gothic Room where we worked
The theme for the Big Draw this year is “steam” and we thought that would fit in nicely with Victorian industry, mill machinery, the canal and the river and the old railway, but of course once you let visitors loose on a long piece of paper there is no telling where ideas will go….

“These people work in the mill. They have sad faces because they don’t like working in the factory…a boy and girl are smiling because they do like the factory…”

“Get out of my tree!” shouted the monkey who guarded the orange and banana tree

Moorhen, grassy field, feather and tree

By the river near the church

And so we cut them down,

Because we can –

We cut the sycamore,

And oak,

And beech,

Because we can,

We’re man,
And have dominion over all we see

But these the trees have weathered storms

The cold pinched winds of winter Derbyshire

-       And yet we cut them down –

Because we can.

autumn river

On this bright but chilly autumn day, 60 people joined us in the Gothic Room at Cromford Mill and scribbled and sketched, drew, rubbed and muttered and gave us a richness of pictures
trees: an exercise with oil pastelles

This is Drawing Steam, 1, DS2 will follow when we've unravelled the 6 metre long drawing from the back of my car! 
an optimistic red squirrel
With many thanks to all our artists, drawers, 
sketchers and scribblers!

Our next event: Wednesday 26th October: 
with the National Trust

Collections in the Landscape
This event is one of a series organised as part of Buxton Museum and Art Gallery’s Collections in the Landscape (CITL) project. With a grant from the Heritage Lottery, the Museum is changing the way people can access the Collections. As well as physical changes to the Museum itself, collections are going on-line and a series of apps will encourage people to connect places with Museum treasures even when they are out walking in the Peaks. Within the wider project, Creeping Toad is coordinating public events both in the Museum and out in the Peaks, offering people to explore aspects of the Collection in creative, engaging and often rather messy ways. Creeping Toad events are advertised in both the Museum events guide and on this blog

crow in charcoal and pencil

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