Monday, 20 February 2017

a year of excitements in Northwich

Do It Together 
with Rudheath and Witton
A year of drawing and stories, of painting, lanterns, puppets, making and doing

we don't know where Rudheath creativity will take us - leaf roses?

will there be tiny bottle lanterns?
Over 2017, Creeping Toad will be organising creative events in Rudheath and Witton in Northwich, Cheshire. As part of the much bigger Rudheath and Witton Together  (RWT) programme (a Big Local project for the Lottery), my colleague and fellow-adventurer Sarah Males and I will coordinate a programme of creative public events. At the moment, we are busy meeting local groups and venues for activities and starting to plan some exciting activities. There will be events for families to join in, activities for adults, sessions for younger children and specific workshops designed to suit the interests of different groups. With a background in storytelling and puppets, lanterns, celebrations and relaxed sessions in Parks, the Toad team are offering Rudheath a year of creativity and company. We are keen to hear from local people – either groups or individuals – about activities people would like to try or from groups who would like to have a creative session but are not sure just what would suit their members

or story towers?
Plans at the moment include instant painting sessions in the Grozone Gardens, a day of tiny puppets in various Parks, storytelling and making with young children. Running through other events we hope to gather impressions, images and words to create a residents’ map of Rudheath capturing stories and the personal side of life in the area

For a project like this, we look at a place like Rudheath and start brewing plans inspired by buildings, people, places and wildlife. But our job here isn’t really to do what we want but to help people explore the streets where they live creatively in their own ways and we will try to build events that offer the challenges people are looking for by delivering sessions ourselves or by finding the right people for the occasion

So if you are interested and know someone who might be in coming to an event or hosting an event or introducing us to eventful people,  or you are an artist or other creative person we might be able to bring in for a session, get in touch!

we might sew the streets of RWT onto a fabric map

To get in touch, email:

we might collect seasonal recipes....

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