Monday, 1 May 2017

Flowers, art and leeches

Activities in Northwich
Summer 2017
the forgotten castles of Nortwhich perhaps?

As the Do It Together project gets going, we have some events coming up in the Rudheath and Witton area of Northwich
we are still at the "anything could happen" stage

Over 2017, Creeping Toad will be organising events in Rudheath and Witton in Northwich, Cheshire. As part of the much bigger Rudheath and Witton Together  (RWT) programme (a Big Local project for the Lottery), my colleague and fellow-adventurer Sarah Males and I are coordinating a programme of creative public events.

In May and June, most of our work will revolve around Family Learning Sessions in Victoria Rd and Rudheath Primary Schools. These aren’t open to the public but if you are a parent, carer or guardian of a child at one of those schools, the school itself will let you know when your child’s class will be up and creating! We are joining forces with lovely artist JoThilwind on these sessions.

Elsewhere, we’re still pinning down dates and venues but it looks like
The summer will include (and more details will follow as we finalise plans!)
·      a day of picnics and art in June
·      July will see the Creeping Toad team at the weekend festival in Vickery Park
·      August will include
·      a wonderfully mysterious Marvellous Medicines day in partnership with Weaver Hall Museum where we’ll be looking at medieval medicines, inventing potions and sending people home with their own Plague Doctor beaky masks and quite possibly a handmade leech or two
·      Memories: again with Weaver Hall Museum: looking at the stories objects wake in all of us: whether reminiscence, remembering stories told or inventing new ones, a day for holding, talking and thinking
·      Two art and story walks: relaxing wanders: telling stories, making up new stories and creating artworks out of found materials
 Our events will be free and generally open to anyone ( a few might need to have booked places depedning upon the activity). Events are aimed at residents of Rudheath and Witton in Nortwich. We recognise that people from other places might sidle in but our targets are local residents and we hope toe cnoruage anyone who is itnerested to come and join in

or if we aren't offering the events that you are interested in - let us know, or make a suggestion and we'll see what else we can do

Looking for artists:
We are still looking for more partners here: either organisations who might like to host a workshop or two and artists who feel they could contribute to a theme. Especially looking for people who might weave quick baskets – either out of willow or by plaiting rushes – or makers of corn dollies. And we’d like to hear from creative folk who would simply like to pitch in and help. We cannot guarantee expenses for volunteers but will see what we can do!

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