Sunday, 10 September 2017

Plagues, kites and other delights!

Flying kites, festering sores and other delights!

Summer activities and winter plans

Rudheath and Witton 2017

a single stalk of grass can set an activity in motion

horrible ailments proved remarkably popular!
After a summer of liveliness, in the Rudheath and Witton Do It Together project we are turning towards autumn and thinking of winter activities

Over the summer season, we saw the completion of the first of the Lost Tales of Rudheath (with Rudheath Primary Academy) and of art and story workshops at Victoria Road Primary School. In public events we made, flew and crashed a few kites, gave people horrible diseases with associated horrible medieval cures and catastrophes. We made small fluttering windsocks and delicate mobiles of natural materials. In public events we met more than 200 local residents and through school sessions including children and visiting parents,  another 400 folk joined the ranks of the “Did It Together”!

small corners inspired small stories
Our aim is to plan and deliver creative events: inviting people to try something new, preferably something that we hope they can go away and try again. So we have used everyday materials where possible, worked in familair places that people can come back to and used technqiues that are quick to learn and easy to transfer

Now we are looking at a colder season and new ideas. We have some thoughts and hope and plans but would like to hear from our Rudheath and Witton friends about other things they would like to do.

Our plans include the following: if you have other thoughts - or particularly like the look of any of these (or don’t like the look…) please let us know! Either leave a comment here or through our facebook page or by email:

the richness of autumn

Celebrating the seasons and the special qualities of Rudheath and Witton
  •     outdoor art with natural objects at Grozone
  •     a wintry storywalk
  •     lantern making: the lights of Rudheath: capturing buildings, shapes, people, activities, the sculptures in Griffiths Park
  •     small lights for houses: join us to hold onto miniature moments of Rudheath in tiny lanterns for table tops and corners, small treasures for the dark evenings
  •     an evening walk with lanterns and maybe some carol-singing in December
  •     Rudheath stories 2: collecting memories, writing poems and stories, working with artefacts from Weaver Hall Museum to remind of activities, games, dreams and promises
  •     maybe finding the next of the Lost Tales
last lights of autumn
Who to work with
  • anyone!
  • older residents
  • new friends: Witton Church Walk C of E Primary School
  • Victoria Road and Rudheath Academy Primary Schools - who feel like old friends
  • families
  • nursery age children either in groups or with parents

Where to do things!
  •     outside? Roker Park, Griffiths Park, the smaller green spaces among streets
  •     The Venue
  •     Social Club
  •     in the schools
  •     any other suggestions?

First activities will start in October and run through October, November and December - so get in touch soon!

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