Wednesday, 8 August 2018

a snake in sunglasses, SRC 2018

Mischief Makers

workshops in Leicestershire libraries, 2018

Who would you make?

What mischief would you brew?

What terrible tale would you tell?

Would it be true?

he went looking for ice cream and lollies
This year, as part of the Summer Reading Challenge,  I am doing a series of puppet and story workshops for Leicestershire Libraries. The following moments of naughtiness and trouble have grown out of visits to the first 3 of the libraries….see the foot of this post for the next sessions…

Who have we been making?
There are lots of ideas in our witch’s cauldron of mischief and a list of naughtinesses that sounds like a spell for delightful trouble….





Slapping the custard in someone’s face.

the soldier who tried to help

Juice that isn’t,

And knotted shoelaces

Salt in the sugarbowl,

A snake in sunglasses.

We’ll glue you to a table

Balance an apple on your head

Tape you to a wall

Put a spider in your bed!

Worms in the spaghetti,

Beetles on the pizza,

Crickets in the peanuts,

Watch your dinner slime away.

look out! Here comes Godzilla!

In our library, you might find

A cockroach in a book or

Books tied together or

A jack-in-a-book exploding while

A boy hides behind the shelves.

There might be

Slugs in a soap dish,

Tadpoles in the soup,

Jelly in your pockets,

And slime in your shoes.

Tripping up children

As they run down the street,

From the dinosaur costume,

With its sharp, plastic teeth.

on our street....

On our street

There is a tree that drops sausages on your head,

A greedy ladybird stealing ladybird spots,

To stick on your face.

There is a girl who steals toys,

And a boy drinking juice as he speeds by on  a skateboard.

On our street

There is horse poo just where you wouldn’t expect it

And a king setting out to trick everyone.

And her?

O, her!

She steals the presents,

And eats the cake,

Throws the pies and

Releases the snake.
don't trust that lovely smile!

Our next sessions are:
Thursday 9th August: 
  • Shepshed Library 10.3 0 – 12,
  • Ashby Library, 2 – 3.30
Friday 10th August: 
  • Glenfield Library, 10.30 – 12
  • Blaby, 2 – 3.30
Monday 13th
  • Lutterworth Library 10.30 – 12
  • Earl Shilton, 2 – 3.30
Contact libraries for more details and bookings

With many thanks to the puppeteers, storytellers, staff, parents 
and mischief-makers of  Broughton Astley, 
Birstall and Syston libraries
Dennis, the mini-menace

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