Sunday, 9 June 2019

A distraction of frogs

A distraction of frogs

Telling Toads 2019

new toadwords

damp moss, a shady hollow, a palace for a passing amphibian
 In a small walled garden, frogs may still bring enchantment. You just need to let your garden run wild a little, a bit of long grass there, a pile of leaves and twigs here, a damp sheltered corner and even the smallest pond can invite wonders…..

Take the time to be quiet, to simply sit and watch, or let a small amphibian movement distract you….

Hopping Past
Susan Greenwood

She hops past me, quickly today,
a glimmer of tawny gold amidst the lavender.
I sit for a moment, thrilled,
at seeing her on her way back to the pond,
too excited now to read.

I cannot turn back to my book,
she calls me to the water, dark and shining.
Standing looking into its depths, I see her
stretch her long, graceful limbs
as if to say, ‘Come in and play’.

Wet and Watery
Susan Greenwood

Little frog, little frog
where do you go?
Down to the pool 
where nobody goes.

Little frog, little frog
what do you see?
Wonders untold
where you can feel glee.

Little frog, little frog
what do you dream?
A place wet and watery
where all can be free.

Telling Toads is an initiative inviting people to tell us about their reptile and amphibian experiences (we hope good, but we acknowledge not always!). We are looking for words: poems, stories, anecdotes....Notes for contributors can be found here

Email for contributions or questions: Toadwords

and for more toady, froggy, newty stuff, visit Froglife

And to read some of the other contributions search "Toadwords" on this blog. poems often work best when spoken out loud, so read these to a friend or to a frog or just to a summer evening and a passing bumblebee...

And thanks to author Susan Greenwood for sharing these froggy moments with us!

frog: c/o S Greenwood
moss, pond: G MacLellan

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