Saturday, 25 June 2011

A walk in the Park

June hurtles towards a close…..Midsummer came and went in a mix of heavy rain and sudden sunshine

Proejcts also move towards "end of term' completions including a lovely few days in Corporation Park in Blackburn Working as one of a team of artists on a project called "A walk in the Park, becomes so much more", we've been adventuring with a variety of schools looking at the Park as a venue for new activities ( ). My group set off as explorers, investigating the strange plants and fabulous animals we encountered in this distant land (all of a mile from the school!). 

Among our other discoveries were the "other names of trees" - based on leaves and action…so in your own travels, look out for
            Jazzy and the Hip-hop Trees whose leaves dance in the breeze (Birch)
            Spearbeam (Cherry)
            Spikebeam (Holly)
            the Tree of Broken Hearts (Lime) - look for the heart-shaped leaves that will take away your sorrows

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