Saturday, 15 October 2011

Worksheets to download

Here are the next three Talking to the earth worksheets. These worksheets are part of a set of 20 that accompanied my first environmental art book, Talking to the Earth published back in 1995. There are still copies of the book available - visit my website for more information ( Toadsite for books ) or try the publishers, Capall Bann

Some of the other sheets can be found at this posting

Masks made using these techniques

Big heads - from sheet 19, still to come!

And here are the next set of worksheets - "masks"


  1. Thanks, Gordon. Is there a way of downloading that I've missed - other than 'save image as'?

  2. Sorry, Wendy, probably not! If you can't get a decent quality of print, I can probably email you a copy of the set as a pdf?