Friday, 24 February 2012

This Summer is Special

At Whitefield Infant School in Nelson, we are brewing a wonderful project that will run through the summer term. Exploring the local park, we'll build a celebration hopefully drawing school and community into a single event with music, singing, masks, monsters, sculptures and who knows what else! Other artists involved include Chris Rainham (I'll post Chris' link later) and musician Steve Brown

At the moment, the Year 2s and I are escapading around the world. We set off with high hopes...

"I want to go to Africa on a camel", "I want to fly to Pakistan in a hot-air balloon" "I will race you to Pakistan on my bicycle"; "I want to go to South America on a bus" I want to go to Manchester on a train"

At the moment we're wandering about in various rainforests (with a few people on tropical islands) falling over cocoa pods, and baobab seed rattles and even finding beautiful seashells....bulletins will follow

Starting to plan this had me looking back over other Whitefield activities so here is a poem and some pictures form other adventures with the school....

Class 5, Whitefield Infant School, 20th Oct 2008

If you would like to come to Wycoller,
To look for adventures,
You must follow the path….

Pass the bright green leaves,
Touch the spiky dead flowers,
Feel the curly, spindly enchanted weeds.
Crouch under the shiny green leaves with yellow spotty spots,

Crawl under the juicy purple berries
And smell their sweet smell.
Look out at the flowers –
            tall, white pretty flowers,
            flowers like spiders webs,
            small purple flowers,
            tall brown seedy flowers and tickly grass

Creep quietly past the sleeping statues
Tiptoe carefully on the crunchy stone path
Squelch through the moist, damp spongy moss and the tall curly weeds

Don’t pull the leaves off the trees!
Don’t stand on the long, feathery leaves!
Don’t touch the stinging nettles!
Then you can stand still and gently touch the fluffy dandelions, soft as sheep

And now,
We are quiet
And Wycoller is waiting for us

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