Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer excitements

As hot sunny days arrive suddenly in a rush, I've been out and about telling stories, being told stories, making a mess and generally having a lovely time sliding people into creative ways of engaging with the world around them

A few examples follow....

All geared up and ready for stories: a community day at Padfield village in Derbyshire for High Peak Community Arts
High Peak Comm Arts have a lovely yurt to tell stories in....
all ready for action: chair, drum and puppet.....
There was also a day at Risley Moss Country Park as part of a biodiversity project Warrington Museum have been running. Here, a team of young people and I explored the woods and made tree books, wrote new tree poems and invented some wild tree stories, aiming to use the group's existing bodiversity knowledge to inform our storytelling

My Tree,
It's thin and tall
but not so small,
That's my tree.
Ash and ivy are leaves
that'll scuttle up your sleeves,
That's my tree
Bright red lines are the marks
that dance around the dark brown bark,
That's my tree

There is no tree that smiles with glee
But my tree

One bird chirping in a tree,
Two blue dragonflies fluttering by the tree,
Three damselflies chasing each other over the pond,
Four daisies blooming in the sun,
Five flies flying away,
Six children squelching in the mud,
Eight birds in a flock,
Nine trees almost making a forest,
Ten buildings in the distance

Most recently, we've just had a day of running Away with the Faeries, Goblins and Trolls....but that can make a new post

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