Sunday, 8 July 2012

Fossils make friends

a weekend that began with foxgloves

Our tent at the Garden pARTy
Our Ancient Landscapes project spent this weekend as an installation on the Buxton Art Trail. We entertained some 150 visitors over the weekend, inviting them to stroke, cuddle and play with our ancient creatures......capturing the essence of the Carboniferous environments that gave rise to the limestone that we live on here

WE were one of four sets of artists exhibiting in Caroline's wonderful garden: Caroline Small herself, Adrienne and Langley Brown, Caroline's Mum and Team ( cakes and tea!) and ourselves. Thanks to Langley and Ady for the tents! Our umbrellas came courtesy of High Peak Community Arts

Visitors wandered into...

block printing fossils with facepaint
ammonite arm
trilobite arm

We did discover, however, that by Day 2 the Reef was growing adventurous....

coral colonising
And then made a valiant escape attempt....
reef pretending to be foxgloves

ancient landscape and ancient limestone

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