Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Here, there and away again!

excitement, fun and investigation in the Park

Home again after a lively fortnight in Richmond Park, just to unpack the car, check in on the assorted beasts (fish, toads, newts, tadpoles and toadlets) gather my wits, pack a new bag and head off out to
farewell from Richmond wildlfie

‘From Apathy to Empathy –reconnecting people and place’with leading international and national experts in place-based education22nd-24th August, Kinvara, Co.Galway

I'll just quote from their bumpf:

Burrenbeo Trust is delighted to present its inaugural Learning Landscape Symposium programme Titled‘From Apathy to Empathy – Reconnecting People and Place this unique event will bring together leading national and international thinkers and practitioners who specialise in the theme of place-based learning. Place-based learning encourages the use of the local environment as a learning resource. It immerses individuals in local heritage, culture and landscape, encouraging them to become more aware of their place.  The final version of this evolving programme will be posted up on the website before the event.
With 20 talks and interactive sessions, this symposium will have something for everyone. Leading experts from the States,David Sobel, Gregory Traymer, and from the UK Gordon MacLellan, Jane Stoneham, and Tony Kendle will be joined by Irish place based educators such as Michael Gibbons, Katy Egan, Sean McDonagh, John Feehan, Gordon D’Arcy, Cillian Roden, Nessa Cronin, Karen Till, Patrick McCormack, Eileen Hutton, Eugene Lambe, Pat Nagle and many, many more as they participate in workshops, on-site demonstrations as well as guided walks and cultural events. Participants will be immersed in one of the nation’s most inspiring places and challenged to engage fully with this place and the issues that impact on them, learning lessons and techniques which can be adapted to their own place and its needs.

Reports will follow!
home is also Streptocarpus flowers!

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