Sunday, 13 January 2013

The last of a Lonely Beast?

The Lonely Beast came to Wycoller and saw
1 forest, swaying in the wind, and saw
2 ducks having a fight, and saw
3 trees standing beside the river, and found
4 big puddles to splash in, and heard
5 rocks splish, splash, sploshing in the river, and saw
6 windows with no-one in them, and found
7 doors open wide and ready for a visit, and smelled
8 chimneys smoking like volcanoes, and saw
9 last leaves swaying on a branch, and heard
10 leaves falling quietly to the ground

frightened faces peered at the Beast from windows

Whitefield Infant School, Nelson: our work on the wonderful Lonely Beast book by Chris Judge culminated in a series of story readings and shadow puppet plays where a hungry witch went looking for a beast to eat.....there is a song as well - that will have to follow!

over the Pack Horse Bridge

the Beast is saved by one of the big Wycoller dogs

 The Lonely Beast has gone home now but visitors can still search through the woods and streams and ruins of Wycoller. You never where the Wycoller beasts might be hiding!

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