Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hathersage, 2

our story corner in the schools's wildlife area
Little John? Highwaymen in my house that used to be a pub? Us!...people in Hathersage who could be in an adventure!

iris by the pond, newts in the water!

As tall as as a tree
as loud as thunder
Nettle-sharp eyes and
The giant climbs over the wall
And stamps across the field

His eyes are knots in trees,
Under eyebrows as wild as moss,
His teeth are sharp thorns,
His bushy hair is sticky weeds
His ears are big, round shells
And his voice is as loud as church bells

small story moments turned up everywhere

two hedgehogs went adventuring - and built themselves a campfire!

pirates were popular heroes, here with a feast

Year 1 sent themselves out into the wild and
built themselves (very small) shelters

young pirate and friend with treasure-sniffing dog 
pirate with fishing net by her shelter 

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