Friday, 7 March 2014

Midnight in the Park

a lonely beast holding his packed lunch
wandered through the trees

Midnight in Victoria Park
it started with a map
troll-wallow hollow
This did begin as a sensible story-mapping and thens tory-making expedition, setting out to build a sense of a story as a physical journey by looking at the local Victoria Park in Nelson…..But then we recklessly asked "what happens here at midnight..."

The Beasts crept out of our woodwork and when the troll-bath was found and Shrek's toilet, imaginations started to escape…..

We were watched by Mr and Mrs Troll
a troll family hid in the woods

rabbit among the leaves

a troll in the mud

we beat on the enchanted door
but it would only open at midnight
we even met a collection of excited witches, princesses
and monsters on the Broomstick Bus ready to go to a party

the sinister shadows of monsters followed us
through the day-time woods
- how much more exciting would midnight be?

and when we left, the only traces of the magical world we had met
was the ring of crocus under the trees

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