Friday, 7 March 2014

Aliens, Beasts and sore throats!

and when we woke, our spaceship was flooded and the view
from the windows was wide and green and frightening

A hectic spate of workshops continue, stumbling a little here in the middle as I fall at the Sore Throat And Cold hedge. Usually, I just keep going but this time my voice has turned into a very amphibian croak and I've retreated to my home-pond for 2 days of not talking to anyone!

The last couple of weeks included some lovely days at Ness Gardens, an exciting day at the Lindley Trust's Festival of Outdoor Learning at the Hollowford Centre…and then there were the aliens and the beasts…

recording our alien discoveries

We were looking at the question "what if…", extending that as "what if aliens crashed here at Wycoller Country Park. The results were dramatic, if sad, as by the end a whole heap (herd? horde? crew?) of aliens drowned in the river when they were trying to escape on a boat they built themselves. Other stranded aliens settled in to make homes for themselves whiles till others stowed away in the back of some minibuses full fo children and escaped…..
the ship's records were found later
by rescuers from Home Planet

the records showed the crash
and the brave departure of the crew

some of the aliens adapted cheerfully to life on Earth

And as for the Beasts…..they'll follow in the next blog

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