Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lowry in a carnival?

The end of term approaches but, 
LSLowry in a carnival?

At Whitefield Infant School and Nursery unit, this end of term approached with extra weight as this July sees the move from the buildings the school has been in for 110 years to a shiny new building just over the canal. So our end of term Carnival included such excitements as a procession to the new school, a new school song, a performing canal (or maybe a canal performance) and puppets inspired by the art of L S Lowry.

To mark the years of school life, the Year 2 pupils and I called out of the memory of the buildings, the voices of Mr Eckroyd: who gave the land and raised the money for the school to be built, of Miss Preston (our sort-of first teacher) and of Oliver (our sort-of first boy through the gates). We drew on Lowry’s work for inspiration as we made three tall puppets, each one decorated with children’s own favourite moments from Lowry paintings. 

The sun shone (just as well as there is nowhere indoors where we could all fit) so we filled the playground and sang, and danced, rippled a canal and paraded giant puppets and all got very emotional....

My name is Mr Eckroyd,
I’m the owner of the Mill,
I helped to build this school,
And I’m pleased it is here still.

100 years of learning,
Something new every day.
Teachers once were very strict,
But now they let you play.

100 years of teaching,
In this place on Howard St,
But now you’re moving school,
To wonderful Every Street

We say goodbye to Year 2s,
They’re moving school as well.
Lomeshaye Juniors is ready,
New teachers and a new school bell!

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