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Myths, legends and mazes: workshops in Derbyshire

Myths, Legends And Mazes
workshops in Derbyshire libraries
Derbyshire stories and monstrous tales; make a puppet and use it - or them - to  weave new stories of your own. 
secret woods and forgotten pools,
who knows where our local stories are lurking?

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge has “mythical mazes” for it’s invitation to go wandering down the corridors of our imaginations and to get lost in the knotted remains of furniture or in the dust under the bed...or perhaps to stray into the gardens where stone lions where coral hats, plastic bag dragons go flapping past and boggarts leer at us from the shadows....

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual initiative inspiring young people to read 6 books during their summer holidays. At the end, they receive a medal and certificate. It is run through libraries in conjunction with the Reading Agency. Find out more here 

One of last year's
spooky houses
Last year's theme was Creepy House with readers earning some spooky smelly stickers during the weeks of the Challenge, (the strange scent of the garlic sticker lingers with me to this day). I was leading workshops in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City libraries creating the creepy houses we would like to visit. Who knows what will appear in this summer's sessions?

This summer I am doing workshops in both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire libraries. Follow this link for Notts venues and dates. I am also part of a team leading workshops across Derbyshire. There are three of us: Maria Whatton, Debi Hedderwick and myself and while all three of us are doing individual workshops, there will be four days where we will work together in a library creating a performance story that will be told, danced, plunged through or whatever at the end of the workshop.
There is a blog for this project: Derbyshire myths and legends where details of other workshops can be found. My dates follow
who is hiding behind the reflection
in a mirror pool?

My sessions
Come along and listen to Derbyshire stories; make a puppet and use it - or them - to  weave new stories of your own. 

doorways to marvels
Suitable for 8– 12 years 
Booking essential 
are free
are aimed at 8 - 12 year olds and spaces are limited os places need booking. 
will either be morning or afternoon: there will be another workshop in a nearby library in the other half of the day

Contact your local library to book a place and to check times

Date (August)
Saturday 2nd
10am - 12noon

1.30 - 3.30 pm
Saturday 9th
10am - 12noon

1.30 - 3.30 pm
Monday 11th
10am - 12noon

2 - 4pm
Saturday 16th
Old Whittington
10am - 12noon

1.30 - 3.30 pm
Monday 18th 
New Mills
10am - 12noon

2 - 4pm
Tuesday 19th
10am - 12noon

2 - 4pm
Thursday 21st
10am - 12noon

Whaley Bridge
2 - 4pm
Thursday 28th
10am - 12noon

2 - 4pm


Joint event days

Tuesday 29th July
10 - 4pm
Wednesday 30th July
10 - 4pm
Tuesday 5th August
Long Eaton
10 - 4pm
Monday 1st September
10 - 4pm
Derbyshire's stories run back
through hundreds of years
Images in this post include one (the last) from Buxton Museum's digital collection, why not visit their website and take a look? Here!

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