Monday, 6 July 2015

Event: a Toad's Tale

The Tale of a Toad
An evening of conversation with this ol' Toad: 
talking about stories, adventures and life within a living landscape

14th July 2015
The Castle Farringdon, 
34 Cowcross St, London, EC1M 6DB

Organisers: Nova Stellar Meet-up
Tickets £3.00 (at the door)
Time: doors open 7pm (some people come for food first) 
talk starts at 8pm
Facebook page: Facebook event page

Official blurb:
talking about why seaweed excites me 
Better known as Creeping Toad, Gordon is one of the UK's leading environmental educators blending storytelling, investigation, awareness and creativity to create dynamic and inspiring projects. He is also an animist, a shaman with a lifetime of connection to a vibrant world of animal, plants and landscape spirits. This evening he will talk about that connection, about a world that thrives on passion and some of the still, delightful and wild moments of a life lived in a wakened landscape.

An Honorary Life Member of the Pagan Federation and a founder member of groups including Hoblink, the first open pagan LGBT network, and general causer of trouble, Gordon has been an active member of the Pagan community for 30 years.

Other details
Books: as Gordon MacLellan:
· Old stones and ancient bones, poems from the hollow hills,
· Wanton Green, contemporary pagan writings on place (editor, for Mandrake)
· Celebrating Nature (for Capall Bann)
· Sacred Animals (for Capall Bann)

Chapters in
· Pagan Visions for a sustainable future
· Storytelling for a Greener World
· The Woodlanders

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